A diamond painting kit comes with a large pile-up of diamonds, and you certainly are not in a mood to trash them away, and diamond painting addicts are well known for such a feeling. You might put them away in a jar for some other project, but why wait that long? You can try a few fun things with your leftover diamond beads. 

Yes, that’s right! Many fabulous and performance-focused ideas allow you to explore the much more creative and fruitful side of yours. With your leftover diamond beads, you can undoubtedly come up with ten exclusive fun ideas.
Let’s have a look at these fun things.

10 Fun Things To Do With Your Diamonds:

Here’s a list of the fun things you can do with your leftover diamonds after crafting a masterpiece of diamond painting. Though all the fun things are not difficult to do so and can be done within a glimpse and little thought and hard work can pull it off in an innovative and ingenious way. 

Make A Beads-In-A-Bottle Craft:

Well, have you ever played the game sand craft when you were in your play class? The whole idea was to take a unique and well-sized bottle or jar and place different coloured sand in it line-wise or colour-wise.

So how about we do the same with our multi-coloured diamonds that are left behind after diamond painting. First, you need to sort them out and arrange them according to their specific colour. Then with the help of a standard size bottle jar, place them according to their colours. 

This way, they will get arranged precisely, and you can use them for your upcoming projects, and beyond a doubt, you don’t have to be a kid to do that. Organizing stuff is always the right thing to do. And when all your painting stiff is well-managed and present at the instance of your hand, you can finish off your tasks in a much faster and quicker way, thereby creatively taking advantage of the fun.

Create Ornaments:

Another fantastic fun thing we can do with our leftover diamond beads is to create an ornament. You can either gift them to your near and dear ones or can create ornaments with your toddlers over the night of Christmas Eve. 

Toddlers love crafts, and how about you encourage them a little further. For making ornaments, you need to buy ornaments that are resonating and come with a pop-off top. Now gather over all your multi-coloured or single-colour diamond beads and let the fun begin. 

Start sliding diamond beads into the ornament, and you can use your painting accessories to create a neat ornament for your tree. You can use an applicator tool that might help you to glue the beads with the ornaments. You can create a particular pattern or design with your beads in a fun-giving artistic way.

Use Needle Point Patterns As New Small Canvases:

Some people have many needlepoint patterns roaming here and there and pose no help. And indeed, with leftover beads, you can turn your old stitching grids into something splendid, such as a diamond painting pattern. And it is not at all a huge deal. 

Similarly, it would be best to sort the diamond beads according to the colours in which these are available and let the fun begin. You can use the painting accessories that might help you glue these leftover beads over the pattern easily. 

And once you are done with the pattern of yours with diamonds, you can put them over a wooden frame and hook them up the wall and add them to your home wall décor. All these things are undoubtedly available and are free of cost. You might have some extra frames residing in your closet or side tables, and you can make use of them.

Spice Up Your Accessories And Decorations:

Are you that kind of person who loves to add something sparkling and exciting to the décor and stuff of yours? If yes, you can make excellent use of your diamond beads, and that’s 100%. You can add some glittering beads to your plain pair of shoes. 

You can add glitters to your wooden frame, which is hanging in your corridor. There might be a lot of stuff that can help you. You can add a diamond to your plain solid bedside lamps as well. You can use diamonds to decorate your kid’s room, such as putting them over the dressing sides or the side table lamps. 

The whole idea is to make the area and surrounding attraction grabbing and lovely so that you can pretty much do this with leftover diamond beads. Moreover, the glitter and shimmering touch are going to add fun to your life.

Donate The Extra Diamonds To The Nearby School Or Daycare:

If you have plenty of diamond beads at home and are not aware of using them all, you can do a thing. Simply donate these to schools that require art stuff. Teachers can make perfect use of all the beads and indulge the little ones in doing some creative art stuff with the diamonds. 

They can make top-class cards by beautifying them with the leftover diamonds or add the beads to the school décor to add a little glimmer to the surroundings. The diamonds can be given to schools or daycare that cannot afford circular activities and the stuff needed to complete it all, so it would be a kind gesture to give all the beads to them. 

The Trade Winds Are Blowing:

Well, this part is also similar to the above fun feature listed. Like donating diamonds to the schools, you can hand these over to painters who desire these and cannot purchase them. Diamonds are used remarkably in painting, and painters need them to finish off their painting. 

So you can Google or type other social media platforms where there is a group that lists the painters who require painting accessories, and hence you can help them out with care and love. You can also hand these over to makeup artists performing fun stuff with diamonds, pearls, or whatever you name it. 

Rather than keep them and store them and wait for the next project to use them, it is indeed the best option to hand them over to the people who can make great use of the leftover beads.

No Style Like Freestyle:

Many artful designs and styles are worthy of adopting or trying, and with painting, it is always wise to try different visionary things. With a whole lot of diamond beads, you can create a DIY diamond painting. You can use the help of a pre-sketched canvas and draw yourself and fill up the whole painting with brightening and shiny diamonds that will add beauty to it. Another way is to take the help of the partial drill painting concept. Or something easy can be done. Please take a picture of yours and add diamonds on some parts of it and stick it to your mirror.

If you look up online retailing shops, there are several options or plastic boxes offered where you can store up your diamonds, but why go for something boring, right? Just as stated above, you can make use of jars in which, according to colours, you can fill them up, but another way of storing diamond beads is to use a dryer sheet as it prevents the diamonds from sticking to one another.

Why Not Add Diamonds To Our Masks, Costumes, And Shoes?

If you are creative and love to spice up your clothing line, then this fun feature will go very well for you, and diamonds are better secured by means of glue over the stuff than just storing them up. With the situation like these days, masks are a must. So how about we add diamonds over plain coloured masks and make them look eye-catching and appealing. 

Are you going to a costume party? Well, add diamonds over the parts of your dress that require a little glimmer and love. Another tremendously fantastic thing that one can perform resourcefully is to add diamonds over your high-heels, and certainly, they will look fabulous. 

The diamonds will be very sparkling, and your look with clothes and shoes can make you look on top. So all you need to do is to use an applicator that helps the beads stick to the stuff neatly and precisely, and also you can do this job a day before you wish to wear them so that the beads are attached hard enough to the beads, clothes and shoes.

Lets Engage The Kids:

Well, if you are busy with zoom meetings or you are going to have a long road trip with your kids, you can engage them with some creative activities. Tell them to bring their favourite toy along and ask them to attach diamonds over their toys.  

However, if you are at home, you can hand them paper or cardboard and let them play with diamonds or make creative diamond cards. These activities are only to engage them for long, and in the meantime, you can finish off your tasks efficiently.

Another game that you can play with the kids during roads is to bring along a plastic jar and tell them to fill it up with their tiny toys and pour over your diamonds into the jar and closely secure the lid with glue, and play the game Like Spy. It is going to keep them entertained for long, trust me on that.

Other Ideas:

Despite all the above fun things, you can begin with many other bright and fruit-bearing ideas while working with diamond beads. One such idea is to use them while putting forth some creativity or crafting. We give things to our loved ones, and over the wrapping, we can attach a small card and decorate it with diamond beads so that they look striking to the eyes and minds.

Next, you can make bracelets for your little one who loves to wear accessories at such a young age. Purchase a rope and add on different shades of diamonds into it and either you can tie it up yourself or give it to the jewellery maker who can help create a hook to make the bracelet look firm and spot on. 

Another innovative feature is to create calm-down jars. You can add diamonds and syrup or oil into the jar and let the toddlers enjoy it by keeping it down or up. Either way, it’s going to be a source of enjoyment for them and can keep them entertained for long.

One of the remarkable fun things which is pretty standard nowadays is to do diamond Meni and Pedi. These two offers are either you can do at home or collect your diamond beads and visit the parlour and get your nails done in earnest. Having diamond nails can add extra glitter and a glimmering effect to the nails, and if you are a creative soul, then this is a fun thing to do with it.  


All the above-listed ideas are tried and tested by thousands of painters who have a lot of colourful and appealing diamonds with them. It is a shame to discard these beads off, and the above ideas can give you the peace of mind that you have used all your colourful diamond collection most splendidly. 

You can store them, give them to others or make decorative stuff with them all depending on your choice and desire.Here is a list of many different ideas that are super cool and easy to get done. 

Apart from these top 10 fun things, There are Top 10 Best Diamond Painting Tricks For Beginners. Some other fun things can be done with leftover diamond beads, and here you can inspect a few, so if you are ready to get all these done, start trying them if you have a bunch of diamond beads at home. 

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